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​The story of Jesus' birth is one of the most blessed stories ever told in the Bible. It is related in simplicity and sincerity. In His sovereign wisdom God chose to preserve the story of our Savior's birth for us, through Matthew and Dr. Luke. Matthew's and Luke's accounts of the birth of Christ, both feature Mary, Joseph, angels, and the Holy Spirit. However, Luke's account is more extensive. He writes of the simple shepherds, those to whom the shepherds related the story after checking out everything for themselves, of old Simeon and Anna, a widow and a prophetess, Caesar Augustus, whose decree was providentially used by God to direct Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem, where Jesus was to be born.

Both inspired Gospel writers made it clear that Jesus' birth was unique. There has been and will never be any birth like His. Moreover, they were clear about the significance of the birth of the Christ Child. It was to bring salvation to lost sinners. This is why the story of Christ's birth has been told for ages, but it never grows old or boring. It is a great. It is a glorious story. It is a marvelous story. It is a magnificent story that gets better and better, sweeter and sweeter, richer and richer. Personally, I am so thankful that God has chosen to bless us with such a unique story that has universal implications.

I thank God for the privilege of sitting at His feet to instruct me about the truths and implications of the greatest story ever told. I would like to share some of God's teaching with you. Below find several enriching articles and audio messages about the birth of the Blessed Son of God. Our prayer is that the Holy Spirit will challenge you in your worship of, walk with, and witness of Jesus Christ, whose birth on earth brought the blessings of heaven to sinners here on earth! 



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